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igni has advanced logs, but that comes with a compromise - they’re a bit harder to setup in text chat (on our dashboard with UI, it will be much simpler).

Adding channel to logs

To add channel to logs, simply call logs add or logs set with channel name, like

!logs add #logs

Editing rules for logs

To edit rules, call logs alter with channel name and rule alterations.

List of rules

Aztec uses minecraft-permissions-like rules for logs. A list of all rules can be seen here:

### Alterations

Channels are updated using alterations which is specified by a single character before rule - either - (remove), + (add) or ! (toggle, invert).

You can put as many alterations after each other as you want.


The following will log every message edit

 !logs alter #logs -* +message.edit

Note that you need to remove wildcard first before other rules take effect

## Removing channel from logs

You can remove logs channel using remove subcommand:

 !logs remove #logs